Thursday, December 24, 2015

Selfie Stick For iPhone - Get The Best Selfie Stick For iPhone

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Visit as we add collections of the best selfie stick for iPhone ,Android and all smart phones .Selfie sticks are a great new tool in the photography world and we will show you which ones to buy and which to avoid .


Where To Get A Decent Selfie Stick In 2016 ?

With Xmas just about been and gone there will be a lot of presents given that just don't make the grade and the one we are seeing time and time again is the selfie stick.

There are many poor quality products being made in china and other places that simply will not last or live up to any sort of user expectation. So our aim with this post is to answer a few of the top questions asked about selfie sticks this year.

Make sure you have a Bluetooth capable product as these have been proven to work better and beside all phones these days have that capability so why would you use cables that break and fray when you can do it without them ? Once the cable is damaged the product is throwaway.

The handle needs to be a non slip rubber as we have seen many that will slip in the hand causing phones to fall and break. The best non slip rubber grips have a criss cross pattern to help the hand stick firmly once its extended.

The extension of the head must be at least 3 feet to allow those big group photos and wide shots that are hard to get other wise.

And lastly you need the price to be reasonable , one such product is StickItPro which is found at amazon here for just $18.97

Over time we will post a lot more about the best selfie sticks to buy and why, thanks for reading